PFD Digital is a fixed and implant specialized dental laboratory that leads by utilizing the best in digital technology, employees, materials, techniques, and customer service.  We have developed an adaptable product line that fits the needs of our partners and patients.  We assist with research and development projects to help innovate better solutions to complex indications.  Our top priority is increasing treatment success and patient satisfaction.

Digital Technology

We have made significant investments in digital technology. We operate some of the most advanced CAD/CAM and 3D printing equipment and software available.This allows us to provide our partners with consistent, esthetically natural and sound results.

InLab Computer Screen

Design on Demand

Are you milling a majority of your restorations? We are excited to introduce PFD Design on Demand. You can stay focused on tending to your patients, while we design your crown or bridge for you. It is a simple and effective process.
Here’s how it works:

1.  Send the digital impression to us while the patient is in the office.
2. Our skilled design technicians receive the file, design it, and send it back to your office.
3. You mill an expertly designed restoration in-house

We know you and your patients will love PFD Design on Demand!  Contact us today to get started!

We want to be your long term dental laboratory partner!
We accept STL and CEREC files.

Made in the USA

We are proud to manufacture our entire line of products in the United States at our Tampa based laboratory.  We carry on a long tradition of excellence in dental technology and we are dedicated to your success.